5 Common Myths About Dating a Single Mom

business-motherYou think you know everything about dating a single mom? Unless you’ve dated one, your expectations and “knowledge” about dating one are either fake or a little less true than it actually is. And perhaps the only thing you got right is the fact that she has a kid/kids and nothing else.

Common Myths About Dating a Single Mom

So whether or not you’re looking to date a hot single mommy, here’s one good place to start getting to know them. Let’s debunk 5 of the most common myths about dating single moms.


Hah! Au contraire senor. If you think singleness and motherhood in midlife makes them feel less attractive and more desperate for a relationship, I’d love to be the one to burst your bubble. On the contrary, single moms are more discerning, develop a more discriminating standard for men they date, and are in fact harder to get, so to speak. They know that their foremost priority is their kid and so the last thing they’d want to do is jump into a relationship hastily, putting herself and her child in a difficult or worse, traumatizing situation. Her every dating endeavor is geared towards something hopeful so if you’re just looking for a game, she ain’t a willing player.


Trust me, they’d love nothing more than time away from talking about anything that concerns kids. With their hands full with child-rearing adult conversations on dates are more than just welcome. So don’t worry about having to breeze through two hours of boring conversations centered on her kid’s first tooth coming out, or he annoying mom at the daycare or how her nanny dresses like a slut. They have enough of that with their BFFs and their moms so they’d spare you from it on a date.


Mother Nature has so designed females of all species to become stronger at motherhood. So if you think that she’s getting in a relationship so she has someone to share her burdens with, and if you think that she needs you more than you need her and that she won’t survive without you, think again. Women become stronger when they have someone depending on them, and so don’t feel too self-important in her life. You’re probably at the bottom of her priority list and she’s likely to kick you out at the first sign of problem if you prove unworthy. Here’s the fundamental relationship advice for the guys.


Unless they’re gold diggers or high maintenance even before motherhood, their being mothers does not make them any more expensive than the average woman. They might even be more economical, becoming aware of the perils of budgeting and real life expenses so they choose to be low maintenance. She won’t ask you to buy her kid’s next carton of milk or her next batch of groceries anyway so there’s not a thing to worry about Plus, they’re more self-sufficient and independent-minded she won’t even let you pay or the second date.


With pregnancy and children putting its toll on her body, and with so much competition in the dating arena, she’s likely to work extra hard on looking good. She knows what she’s up for when she put herself out there for a relationship so she would surely prepare for it. And no, she won’t show up on dates smelling like baby puke or with food residue on her hair.

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5 Mistakes Men Make in Long Distance Relationships

1363585241966526tumblr_lmenpkviyC1qiewbqo1_500There’s a lot of wrong that could happen in a long distance relationship. It is challenging, it is demanding, it can get frustrating. It is safe to say that long distance relationships are not something for the weak of heart, or the impatient, or the lazy either.

And I tell you, the smallest things that you think go unnoticed, the small things that you choose to ignore, the little things that seem insignificant, may be the exact same small mistakes that break the long distance relationship.

Mistakes men make in long distance relationships

So before you commit these exact same mistakes, it is best to know what these mistakes are.Here are the 5 most common mistakes men make in long distance relationships:

  1. Forgetting important dates. This is one offense that can cause small fights in regular non-long distance relationships, but have the makings of a major fight if you’re in a long distance one. Do it more than once and it sure is in her list of reasons to break up with you. See, even when you don’t mean it that way, it gives her the feeling that you don’t value the important moments in your relationship. It makes her feel unimportant, in general.
  2. Not informing her of your whereabouts. No, this is not being clingy. This is being sensitive and making her feel like she is a part of your daily life. You can only share so much of your lives with each other, with the physical distance between you two. The last thing you want is to make her feel the reality of the distance by leaving her clueless of where you are. You don’t have to wait for her to ask; it’s about making her feel secure at the fact that she knows where you are and what you’re doing.
  3. Not making time to talk. Long distance lovers of today are so much luckier than their counterparts of twenty years hence. They didn’t have the technology we are enjoying today. They had to wait days, weeks, sometimes even months to hear about their lovers from across the country or across the world. An overseas phone call would cost half a month’s paycheck. These days, we have free phone apps that allow us to call and text without spending a single cent; there’s always Skype, and Facebook. There is not a reason to withhold on spending time with your long distance lover. You don’t find time; you make time for it.
  4. Not making enough effort on dates. Whether it’s taking the train for two hours just to be with her, or saving up for a plane ride to see her, or at the very least setting up your bedroom to look like a fancy dinner date and hook your camera on Skype so you can have your little Skype dinner date – it’s the effort that matters. It’s the idea of you making an effort to make everything as real as a relationship can be, and not just an imaginary one. Read this guide from SonicSeduction.net on asking a girl out!
  5. Not having plans for the future. I’ve seen so many long distance relationships that thrived for so long until the woman gives up simply because she can’t see him looking towards their future together. How long are you going to be apart? Do you have plans of changing your situation? Your long distance lover needs that kind of assurance, that there’s more to what you have now because she can’t wait forever nor has she fantasized about getting married on Skype.

So, which of these mistakes are you most guilty of? You can see my previous post, How to Become a Real Life Prince Charming.

How to Become a Real Life Prince Charming

Before you raise your eyebrows and start waving your not-so-royal bank accounts at me, here’s one thing you should know: you don’t have to be rich to become a woman’s prince charming. Being prince charming is not about how many castles you own or having the grandest white horse in the world; being a prince charming is knowing how to sweep a woman off her feet and look effortless about it.

Prince Charming.

Prince Charming.

Women these days may have long gone from being damsels in distress and are gearing towards becoming modern day Audrey Hepburn’s, but that does not make Princes Charming any less, well, charming. Everyone wants to be swept off their feet once in a while, after all.

How to become one

How to become a Prince Charming.

How to become a Prince Charming.

So, if being the perfect Prince Charming is your ultimate dating resolution for the year 2014, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Read on for tips on how to become a real-life, in the flesh, non-randomly singing, modern day Prince Charming:

  • Learn a thing or two about Old World gentlemanly charm. Take a cue from your grandpa and his buddies. Real gentlemen know how to talk to women (aka they don’t call women any derogatory name, not even jokingly), how to treat women (aka they still open the doors for women), and how to love women (aka they love one woman at a time and treat her like she’s the world to him). Read this article on attracting women.
  • A Prince Charming knows his manners. You don’t spit in public, cuss in public, eat noisily (unless you’re eating ramen, it’s practically required), or talk to elders disrespectfully. Review your basic etiquette guide.
  • A Prince Charming knows how to compliment his woman, in words and in deeds. It does more than just telling her how beautiful she is; you have to show her that too to make the compliment real and sincere. It’s in the way you look at her while saying your compliment; the way you hold her hand, or how slowly you walk when you’re together because you want to savor each moment you’re with her. Complimenting your woman is showing her all the good things you tell her. She sings well? Ask her to sing to you more often. She’s good in arts? Frame that last sketch she made of you. Show, don’t just tell – that’s the way to compliment a lady.
  • Always make an effort. Come by at night bearing pizza and chocolates when she’s sad. Gracefully make an exit and don’t make a big deal out of her PMS tantrum. Go to poetry reading with her because she’s reading one that night, even when everyone else bores you to death. Take her to the zoo because she’s never seen the penguins. It’s about taking that extra step just to make sure that she’s extra happy. That’s how you sweep a woman off her feet – with your small and simple daily gestures, not the offbeat, grandiose but occasional ones.

PS: Use cautiously; they can take you to the friendzone if used on the wrong person.

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5 Signs You’re Her Booty Call

girlYes, gentlemen. You can be a booty call too. This is the day and age where a perfect equality between the males and the females is almost perfectly achieved. And yes, there are as many female a-holes as there are males who can just as well make you her booty call as any man would do another woman.

The thing about being a male booty call is that, you either enjoy it or you don’t. But the last thing you definitely want is to be the last person to know that you are actually her booty call. Please, nobody does.

Maybe she’s afraid about the mistakes men make in long distance relationship?

So before you fall in too deep for whatever tricks she has up her sleeves, or before it gets bad for you, or just before everyone knows that you’re her booty call, find it out for yourself. Man up, this might be a bumpy ride.

Signs You’re Just Her Booty Call

Here are 5 sure signs that you’re her booty call:

  • Your dates are always late nights and last minute. She calls you right when you’re headed for bed. She shows up in the middle of the night, looking less than prepared for a date but more like someone who’s already enjoyed a night out. Your dates are never scheduled.  They are even hardly called dates, just plain random last minute calls and announcements to meet.
  • She’s hardly ever available for your date invitations. Are your ‘dates’ and meetings all on her call? Was she ever available for your invitations? Or does she always have to be somewhere else when you invite her or that she’s never too sure whatever she’s doing on that very day and on that very hour? Well clearly, she’s avoiding you and every other opportunity that will make you think you could be more than whatever you are at the moment. That, and the fact that she does not really enjoy your company that much. Yep, I just dropped it for you.
  • You don’t talk about emotionally significant things. Emotional connection is one of the most important factors that make a relationship. And if you’re her booty call, she does not care about creating that kind of bond with you; she just wants you for a companion on her lonely or bored nights. She does not like you that way and sadly so, she does not trust you that way either.
  •  She has not made an effort to have you meet her friends and she’s not too keen about meeting your friends either. Friends, her closest ones at least, are like family to her. And you have to be significant enough to be talked about extensively during their spa dates, and better, you have to be so much more important to her to actually earn the honors of meeting her bosom buddies. And if you’ve been seeing each other for quite some time but have never gotten into that level, I’m afraid you’re nothing more than a booty call – something that is not worth letting the public know about.

So, are you her booty call? You should obey these rules for friends with benefits to be good at it her game 😉