5 Signs You’re Her Booty Call

girlYes, gentlemen. You can be a booty call too. This is the day and age where a perfect equality between the males and the females is almost perfectly achieved. And yes, there are as many female a-holes as there are males who can just as well make you her booty call as any man would do another woman.

The thing about being a male booty call is that, you either enjoy it or you don’t. But the last thing you definitely want is to be the last person to know that you are actually her booty call. Please, nobody does.

Maybe she’s afraid about the mistakes men make in long distance relationship?

So before you fall in too deep for whatever tricks she has up her sleeves, or before it gets bad for you, or just before everyone knows that you’re her booty call, find it out for yourself. Man up, this might be a bumpy ride.

Signs You’re Just Her Booty Call

Here are 5 sure signs that you’re her booty call:

  • Your dates are always late nights and last minute. She calls you right when you’re headed for bed. She shows up in the middle of the night, looking less than prepared for a date but more like someone who’s already enjoyed a night out. Your dates are never scheduled.  They are even hardly called dates, just plain random last minute calls and announcements to meet.
  • She’s hardly ever available for your date invitations. Are your ‘dates’ and meetings all on her call? Was she ever available for your invitations? Or does she always have to be somewhere else when you invite her or that she’s never too sure whatever she’s doing on that very day and on that very hour? Well clearly, she’s avoiding you and every other opportunity that will make you think you could be more than whatever you are at the moment. That, and the fact that she does not really enjoy your company that much. Yep, I just dropped it for you.
  • You don’t talk about emotionally significant things. Emotional connection is one of the most important factors that make a relationship. And if you’re her booty call, she does not care about creating that kind of bond with you; she just wants you for a companion on her lonely or bored nights. She does not like you that way and sadly so, she does not trust you that way either.
  •  She has not made an effort to have you meet her friends and she’s not too keen about meeting your friends either. Friends, her closest ones at least, are like family to her. And you have to be significant enough to be talked about extensively during their spa dates, and better, you have to be so much more important to her to actually earn the honors of meeting her bosom buddies. And if you’ve been seeing each other for quite some time but have never gotten into that level, I’m afraid you’re nothing more than a booty call – something that is not worth letting the public know about.

So, are you her booty call? You should obey these rules for friends with benefits to be good at it her game 😉