5 Mistakes Men Make in Long Distance Relationships

1363585241966526tumblr_lmenpkviyC1qiewbqo1_500There’s a lot of wrong that could happen in a long distance relationship. It is challenging, it is demanding, it can get frustrating. It is safe to say that long distance relationships are not something for the weak of heart, or the impatient, or the lazy either.

And I tell you, the smallest things that you think go unnoticed, the small things that you choose to ignore, the little things that seem insignificant, may be the exact same small mistakes that break the long distance relationship.

Mistakes men make in long distance relationships

So before you commit these exact same mistakes, it is best to know what these mistakes are.Here are the 5 most common mistakes men make in long distance relationships:

  1. Forgetting important dates. This is one offense that can cause small fights in regular non-long distance relationships, but have the makings of a major fight if you’re in a long distance one. Do it more than once and it sure is in her list of reasons to break up with you. See, even when you don’t mean it that way, it gives her the feeling that you don’t value the important moments in your relationship. It makes her feel unimportant, in general.
  2. Not informing her of your whereabouts. No, this is not being clingy. This is being sensitive and making her feel like she is a part of your daily life. You can only share so much of your lives with each other, with the physical distance between you two. The last thing you want is to make her feel the reality of the distance by leaving her clueless of where you are. You don’t have to wait for her to ask; it’s about making her feel secure at the fact that she knows where you are and what you’re doing.
  3. Not making time to talk. Long distance lovers of today are so much luckier than their counterparts of twenty years hence. They didn’t have the technology we are enjoying today. They had to wait days, weeks, sometimes even months to hear about their lovers from across the country or across the world. An overseas phone call would cost half a month’s paycheck. These days, we have free phone apps that allow us to call and text without spending a single cent; there’s always Skype, and Facebook. There is not a reason to withhold on spending time with your long distance lover. You don’t find time; you make time for it.
  4. Not making enough effort on dates. Whether it’s taking the train for two hours just to be with her, or saving up for a plane ride to see her, or at the very least setting up your bedroom to look like a fancy dinner date and hook your camera on Skype so you can have your little Skype dinner date – it’s the effort that matters. It’s the idea of you making an effort to make everything as real as a relationship can be, and not just an imaginary one. Read this guide from SonicSeduction.net on asking a girl out!
  5. Not having plans for the future. I’ve seen so many long distance relationships that thrived for so long until the woman gives up simply because she can’t see him looking towards their future together. How long are you going to be apart? Do you have plans of changing your situation? Your long distance lover needs that kind of assurance, that there’s more to what you have now because she can’t wait forever nor has she fantasized about getting married on Skype.

So, which of these mistakes are you most guilty of? You can see my previous post, How to Become a Real Life Prince Charming.