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How to Become a Real Life Prince Charming

Before you raise your eyebrows and start waving your not-so-royal bank accounts at me, here’s one thing you should know: you don’t have to be rich to become a woman’s prince charming. Being prince charming is not about how many castles you own or having the grandest white horse in the world; being a prince charming is knowing how to sweep a woman off her feet and look effortless about it.

Prince Charming.

Prince Charming.

Women these days may have long gone from being damsels in distress and are gearing towards becoming modern day Audrey Hepburn’s, but that does not make Princes Charming any less, well, charming. Everyone wants to be swept off their feet once in a while, after all.

How to become one

How to become a Prince Charming.

How to become a Prince Charming.

So, if being the perfect Prince Charming is your ultimate dating resolution for the year 2014, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Read on for tips on how to become a real-life, in the flesh, non-randomly singing, modern day Prince Charming:

  • Learn a thing or two about Old World gentlemanly charm. Take a cue from your grandpa and his buddies. Real gentlemen know how to talk to women (aka they don’t call women any derogatory name, not even jokingly), how to treat women (aka they still open the doors for women), and how to love women (aka they love one woman at a time and treat her like she’s the world to him). Read this article on attracting women.
  • A Prince Charming knows his manners. You don’t spit in public, cuss in public, eat noisily (unless you’re eating ramen, it’s practically required), or talk to elders disrespectfully. Review your basic etiquette guide.
  • A Prince Charming knows how to compliment his woman, in words and in deeds. It does more than just telling her how beautiful she is; you have to show her that too to make the compliment real and sincere. It’s in the way you look at her while saying your compliment; the way you hold her hand, or how slowly you walk when you’re together because you want to savor each moment you’re with her. Complimenting your woman is showing her all the good things you tell her. She sings well? Ask her to sing to you more often. She’s good in arts? Frame that last sketch she made of you. Show, don’t just tell – that’s the way to compliment a lady.
  • Always make an effort. Come by at night bearing pizza and chocolates when she’s sad. Gracefully make an exit and don’t make a big deal out of her PMS tantrum. Go to poetry reading with her because she’s reading one that night, even when everyone else bores you to death. Take her to the zoo because she’s never seen the penguins. It’s about taking that extra step just to make sure that she’s extra happy. That’s how you sweep a woman off her feet – with your small and simple daily gestures, not the offbeat, grandiose but occasional ones.

PS: Use cautiously; they can take you to the friendzone if used on the wrong person.

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